gilad seliktar גלעד סליקטר


Gilad Seliktar, born in 1977 in Israel,

Seliktar graduated at 2005 from the Department of Graphic Design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

His first book, Who Are You Anyway, was published in 2005, deals with questions of identity, and the ownership over the work of art. Who are you anyway showcased in the "Fumetto 2006" Comics Festival in Switzerland.

Seliktar was one of the prominent contributors to the Israeli comics anthology "Blender".

He illustrated books for children, and published comics and illustrations in most of Israel's daily newspapers, youth and children magazines, cinema and television.

His graphic novel "Ferme 54" (Farm 54) written by Galit Seliktar was nominated for the 2009 Angouleme book award in France,

"Mongol's Demons", has been published in Israel by The Third Ear (2008), and in France by Artrablie (2009).

Seliktar is currently participates in comics anthologies in Israel and in Europeand and teaches in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.


  • Comics
  • Illustrator